Four Corners News

17 Apr 2013

Furniture built for life


At Four Corners Cabinet Makers it is important to us that we get it right. And we think we have. Our furniture and traditional crafting methods ensure our handmade furniture has longevity written all over it.

Using rudimentary traditional methods as such mortice and tenon and dovetail joints we ensure your chosen piece of classic oak design will standard up over time. Four Corners uncomplicated designs ensure our furniture is loved for always and becomes a homely friend.

coffee table
It is effortless to find the piece you are looking for in our extensive range, and that’s before we’ve mentioned our bespoke service. If you are looking for a dining table, a bed, a sideboard or a bookcase we’ve got it all covered and more.
All our oak and pine furniture offers a lively charming character. Unique colour and pattern including knots and medullary rays (white flowering) ensures your furniture is as unique as the European Oak trees they have been hand crafted from.
We can’t compare ourselves to anyone as at Four Corners we are totally unique. Your furniture will be hand-made for you by us. We don’t make it for anyone else!